Saturday, 11 June 2016

Lip Reshaping Surgery in Hyderabad

Cleft lip and cleft palate are a type of birth defect.The cleft lip is a split or narrow opening on the upper lip and cleft palate is a fissure  or opening on the roof of the mouth. These defects are also known as orofacial cleft.
Cleft lip and cleft palate can be diagnosed during pregnancy by an ultrasound scan.The main cause of this defect is unknown.
The cleft lip and palate surgery can be used to treat this defect. Cleft lip surgery is often done when the child is six weeks old and cleft palate is repaired before  the child crosses eighteen months.  Plastic surgery is the technique  used to correct this abnormality. Proper dental care and speech therapy should be provided after the surgery  to bring the normal appearance  to child .
Complications Of Cleft lip and Palate: Cleft lip and cleft palate  results in speech related issues, feeding problems, hearing problems and ear infections.

If the cleft lip and palate surgery is done in the early stages of childhood then they can have good adolescent and  a happy social life. The adolescents with cleft lip and palate are at a high risk of  developing psychological issues.They will lose their self confidence and will be in a state of depression.

Do your child have a cleft lip and palate? Don't wait anymore in bringing his smile back. Here we have our Center with a comprehensive approach for managing cleft conditions. The team  of specialists include orthognathic experts, dental specialists, plastic surgeons and cosmetic experts. Most clefts can  be repaired using  specialized plastic surgery thereby improving your child's ability to speak, eat and breathe.

Our clinics are dedicated in restoring children's smiles and transforming lives.

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