Monday, 29 September 2014

Trauma to the Facial Structures Could be due to Several Reasons

Trauma to the facial structures could be due to several reasons. Motor vehicle accidents contribute to a large extent in this regard. Trauma to the structures and tissues around the eyes could be due to an injury to the eye, facial bones, head etc. Ectropion  is  such  a   medical  condition  resulted  from  facial  trauma involving outward turning of the lower eyelid and eyelashes. This leaves the inner eyelid exposed and prone to irritation. Commonly, the repair of lower eyelid is done after several days in order to allow the  soft tissues welling to subside. Maxillofacial injuries can be complex and multi-speciality  involvement  in  their  management  may  be  needed. Reconstructing the defects can prove to be challenging for the plastic surgeon depending upon the severity of the trauma. Thorough knowledge of eyelid anatomy is essential  to appreciate the surgical intervention of lower eyelid abnormalities. Let us have a look at this case study

Case Study:

Here in  we  demonstrate  the  successful  surgical  correction  of   post traumatic soft tissue defect of left lower eye lid (ectropion). A 38-year old  lady  injured  her  left  eyelid  in  a  road  accident.  Due  to scar contracture,  the lower eyelid suffered ectropian.  ReconFace & team of surgeons corrected this defect 6 months post the trauma. Pre and Post operative images along with the procedure is depicted below

Because of the technically demanding nature of this  type of surgery, most medical centres report failure of this type of reconstruction.  Our clinics in  Hyderabad an exclusive Maxillofacial  & Facial Plastic Surgery Unit comprising of eight passionate maxillofacial surgeons is a Centre for Excellence in Primary Facial Trauma Care. Our surgical expertise coupled with extensive experience and state-of-the-art surgical methods has  helped  us  achieve  remarkable  success  in  implementing  the  best possible emergency care system by which we can save as many precious lives.

As a medical professional, you might come across various such cases of facial trauma. It would be very kind of you, if you can refer them to Our clinics.  Your timely interference can help a victim of trauma to get the best possible treatment and prove to be life saving for them.