Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Oral Cancer Treatment In Hyderabad

Cancer, uncontrollable multiplication of cells by modifying the structure of DNA. It can spread to other parts of body through blood or lymph and cant die like normal cells. Similarly oral cancer is a growth in the mouth which could destroy your lips, lip, tongue, floor of mouth, cheek and later it will affect to the different parts of body.

Oral or mouth cancer is commonly seen in men and sometimes it becomes very dangerous. Usually oral cancer is associated with the people who constantly uses tobacco, alcohol. Likewise, over exposure of sunlight is  also a cause for lip cancer.It is also appears as like painless mouth ulcer, which does not heal normally.

The major complications associated with the oral cancer are difficulty in speaking, swallowing, and depression.

As a part of daily dental check up, your dentist can easily recognize whether the cancer is affected or not. If any tissue seen by unfamiliar, the dentist may do oral brush biopsy. The process involves taking up the sample of suspicious tissue and check it for further analysis.It is less painful and needs a normal anesthesia.

For the prevention of oral cancer we should do slight modifications in our lifestyle. By reducing the use of tobacco products, follow balanced diet, avoid exposure to sun. Also the persons can go for a monthly check up.

Our clinics having experienced team of surgeons, who provides better oral cancer treatment in Hyderabad. Our group offers a comprehensive treatment for all kind of facial diseases or abnormalities and thus making an aesthetic one.