Thursday, 29 January 2015

How To Stay Young Forever !!!

Facial Cosmetic Surgeries
We know that our appearance plays an important role in our daily lives. Everyone want to achieve an extreme look and personality in this new era. Aging takes place, when we start growing, and our face is the main part that reflects our age. Many anti-aging creams and lotions are available in the market to take care of it. And they can really enhance your looks and helps you to bring a gorgeous appearance on your face.

But these creams and lotions only gives an impermanent solution. This makes the people getting impatient, and leads them to look into permanent solutions to this problem. At present, the best solution to this devastating problem is Facial Cosmetic Surgery. A facial cosmetic surgery helps to improve the physical and facial appearance of a person. You will be able to boost up your look as per your ideas and choices.

The Facial Cosmetic Surgery Generally Includes: 

➢ Face lift

➢ Brow lift

➢ Ear lift

➢Chin Surgery                                                              
➢ Neck lift

➢ Eyelid Surgery

➢ Cheek Surgery

➢ Fat Transfer

Our clinics, ReconFace and Ojas Aesthetic clinic, known as the best facial cosmetic treatment hospitals in India. We intend to be the exclusive unit in treating every facial deformities and performs all kinds of cosmetic surgeries at affordable cost for all patients.

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Friday, 23 January 2015

Stop Worrying About Your Hair Loss!!!

Hair restoration, An extreme cosmetic surgery procedure that can help you to overcome your hair loss problems. Hair loss is mainly divided into two.

Hereditary hair loss (also called androgenetic alopecia) in men and women

➤Hair loss due to aging (also called senescent alopecia) in women

What is Hair Restoration???

Hair Restoration is a method of replacing hair from one part of the body to another place of our own body. That is, we can replace our hair from hairy areas like chest, back of the body and other hairy parts to our head. This hairs can grow as like our natural head hairs. The surgery needs a less time to recover hair loss by restoring hair to head.

Our clinics ReconFace and Ojas Aesthetic are known as the best hair restoration center in India with best affordability. We can provide best treatment for hair restoration surgery. The hospital is very well equipped with most modern equipments and surgeries are managed by professionals in this circle. We also provide hair restoration for patients, who lost their hairs due to burn.

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