Thursday, 28 January 2016

Gummy Smile Correction in Hyderabad

The gingival smile - is the excess gum tissue visualization. According to statistics, it is peculiar to every 14th man and two times more common in women. The phenomenon is characterized by excessive exposure of the gums of the upper jaw (more than 1.5-2 mm) with a broad smile. Thus the cutting edge of the upper teeth, which normally barely touches the edge of the lower lip, in this case it is partially covered. All of this can become a subject of discontent holders gingival smile.


The phenomenon is not considered as a diagnosis, but a descriptive term and can have various causes - they are diagnosed by a specialist in the survey. Among them:

  • hyperactivity or short upper lip;
  • Erasing the cutting edge;
  • excess coating gum;
  • Dent-alveolar extrusion (excessive eruption of the front incisors);
  • disproportionate upper jaw;
  • a combination of several factors.

Methods of correction
In each case, the diagnosis and correction methods are installed specialist, complex cases require teamwork dentist and plastic surgeon. Among the ways to resolve the problem are the following:
if there is a short lip short lip performed plastic;
in the excessive amount of gum recommended dental surgery, in particular, surgical treatment of the tooth crown, or removal of the excess of the gums;
for extended and / or protruding front incisors (exceeding the rate of 8 mm) - recommended orthodontic or surgical treatment. To correct the speaker position of the front incisors are set braces. Providing permanent teeth directed action, braces return them to the proper position, correcting the gingival smile. In conjunction with this operation can be made ​​of plastic of the upper lip.
When disproportionately upper jaw needs intervention specialist maxillofacial surgery. During the operation of the upper jaw portion is removed and it is moved to the desired position.

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